DJs don't always eat well (those Golden Arches can be pretty tempting at 3am) but one of the perks of working special events is being able to sample some of the best grub in the industry.

You can imagine my stomach's delight when I was asked in April to DJ the launch party of this year's "Canada's 100 Best Restaurants" magazine. As its name would suggest, the publication ranks the best restaurants across the country, and their chefs, and is now in its 4th year. 

Hosted at Mildred's Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village, the room was packed with food critics, restauranteurs, chefs and other lucky bon vivants. The food was of course on point, and the playlist was a mix of cool cocktail favourites and some low key vibes I've been feeling lately. 

A couple familiar faces in the crowd included Chopped Canada judge Michael Smith as well as Lynn Crawford, who was presented with a Lifetime Achievement award.  

The top prize went to Toronto's Alo Restaurant and its chef Patrick Kriss.

For the full list of winners, visit

Photos: Jesse Milns