99 Sudbury Wedding // Anna and Peter

Photo by Danielle Giroux Photography

Photo by Danielle Giroux Photography

When I met with Peter for coffee before the wedding he warned me his tastes were eclectic. I told him no problem. He asked if he could share a Spotify playlist he'd made to give me some idea. I went home and checked it out...  LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk...Harry Belafonte! It was great.

I've been to 99 Sudbury several times and it always feels like a new room, because the space is so versatile. This September wedding took place in the Glass Factory room, with cocktails taking place in the adjacent lounge and patio area...

The soundtrack was as eclectic as expected and had something for everyone...  funk, Motown, classic rock and some Top 40. And yes, Harry Belafonte made it into the mix!

Photos: Danielle Giroux Photography